Kompass Ensemble opens a call for micro pieces for its 2020/21 season.



Application requirements:

- works must be for violin, piano and percussion (complete set below)

- must be between 20 and 45 seconds in duration

- there is no restriction on nationality or age

- the pieces must be sent digitally to


Application deadline:

June 30, 2020


Selection criteria:

- All works received will be performed

- The premiere is scheduled for 17.10.2020 "h(Ö)rbarium fr( )burg - INSEKTEN", Depot.K e.V. Lehenerstr.30, 79106 Freiburg (Entrance Free)

- Results will be published on our website on 15.07.2020

UPDATE: because all of our concerts were cancelled due to Coronavirus and the immense amount of pieces that we received, we will premiere all works in 4 concerts, with 20 pieces each. A clear plan will be published the first week of January 2021. The first concert already was done, 02.12.2020


PERCUSSION SET: Tam-Tam, Frame Drum, Rain Stick, Singing Bowl, Log Drum, Woodblocks, Shakers, Cabasa, Guiro, Caxixi, Maracas, Kalimba, Pandero, Suspended Cymbals, Crotales (set), Vibraphone.


About the project:

we are looking for the creation of a patchwork-composition of a series of micro pieces that can be rearranged at each presentation. In addition to seeking to generate new repertoire for our instrumental combination, we want to meet new voices and generate links for future projects with composers beyond our close networks.


Kompass Ensemble was founded in November 2018 by music students Swaantje Kaiser (violin), Elena Ralli (piano), Kang-Jung Sung (percussion) and Maximiliano Soto Mayorga (artistic direction)