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Elena Ralli


Born in Athens in 1994. She attended the ''Nikos Skalkotas'' Conservatory under the guidance of Julie Troussa and received in 2016 the National Diploma in Solo Piano Performance with highest honours. Since 2016 she continues her piano performance studies in the class of Éric Le Sage at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, Germany.

She has a special interest in interpreting of contemporary music and has studied contemporary piano and ensemble repertoire under the guidance of Sven Thomas Kiebler and Alfonso Gómez. She is studying chamber music in the class of Roglit Ishay.

At the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg she has studied also music pedagogy under the guidance of Andreas Doerne, Wolfgang Lessing and Michael Stecher. Since 2018 she works as a piano teacher at the music school Musikwerk Freiburg.

She has participated in piano masterclasses in Greece and Germany

by Dmitry Bashkirov, Vladimir Viardo, Christoph Sischka, Denis Pascal,

Till Fellner, Alexandra Papastefanou, Dionyssis Mallouhos, Domna Evnouhidou and Maria Efstratiadis.

As a soloist she has given piano recitals in Greece and Germany in concert halls such us: Goethe Institut Freiburg, Cultural Center of Sifnos, Katakouzenos House, German Residence of Athens, Deutsch-Griechischer Verein Philadelphia and Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri”.

Awards of piano competitions include Piano Competition „Maria Cherogiorgou-Sigara“ (1. Prize, Athens 2018), German Piano Competition ''Jugend Musiziert'' (2. Prize, Stuttgart 2012), Piano Competition ''Dionysia Trust'' (3. Prize, Athens 2013), International Piano Competition ''Muse'' (3. Prize, Santorini 2009).