Founded in Autumn 2018, Kompass Ensemble is a new music ensemble in Freiburg, Germany.

Our formation (violin, percussion, piano) invites us to search for new repertoire and to get in touch with mainly young composers - Our first season "h(Ö)rbarium fr( )burg" in Depot.K, is a reflection on the idea of the medieval herbarium: ,How can this help us to understand the way we relate to music, since we can never make a complete catalogue of new musical works that arise every day?


In this first phase, we must not only get to know ourselves, but also create our own networks and from there our own sound imaginarium.

If your are interested to work with us, or you are looking for an ensemble to write a new piece for, please send us an email!

Swaantje Kaiser (Kiel, Germany - 1996)


Elena Ralli (Athens, Greece - 1994)


Kang-Jung Sung (Taipei, Taiwan - 1988)


Maximiliano Soto Mayorga (Santiago, Chile - 1991)

Artistic Direction