...to open a door for new music, to thrive, to listen - to understand the way we want to relate to our neighbourhoods, our concert halls and the ears of our city - this is what we are searching in these first steps, our compass

Maximiliano Alejandro Soto Mayorga

Artistic Director


Born in Chile in 1991, he studied composition at the University of Chile. Since 2017 he continues his studies at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg, Germany.

Awards include the TONALi20 Composition Award, the DAAD Award 2018, the PULSAR Award 2018 for "best classical or concert music artist" from the SCD (Chilean Copyright Society), and the Carlos Riesco Composition Award 2016 from the Chilean Academy of Fine Arts, among others.

Residencies include the Ibermusicas Residence with the Duo Sano-Sowicz (London 2020) and the Landesjugendensemble Neue Musik Baden Württemberg (Singen 2019). Festivals include 42 Ensems Festival (Valencia, Spain), 7 Nuntempa Festival (Xalapas, Mexico), XVII FIMC UCH (Santiago, Chile) and PRISMAS 2016 (Santiago, Chile). Interdisciplinary collaborations include "Implicit City" (Camila Bardehle, 2020), "Partial Perspective" (Johana Castillo, Natacha Godoy, 2016).

As educator he has participated in composition workshops such as "Mit-Ein-Ander in Musik" (Ensemble Aventure, Freiburg 2020), "Orchester con Anima" (Refugee Home Freiburg-Wiehre, 2019), Oberlin Kinder-universität (Freiburg, 2018). In Chile, he gave music workshops in rural areas such as Escuela Larmahue (La Matriz Arte y Cultura, San Fernando).

Cultural management projects include the artistic direction of the 2020 season "h(Ö)rbarium fr( )burg" together with Kompass Ensemble, depot.K e.V. and the Culture Department of Freiburg, Germany; the artistic direction 2017-18 of the "Festival Azul de Nueva Música" together with the Colectivo Azul, the Chilean Academy of Fine Arts, the National Cultural Heritage Service and the financing of the Ministry of Arts and Cultures in Santiago, Chile, among others.

Between 2014-15 he was General Producer of Germina.Cciones... Chile, a cultural platform dedicated to the management of shared creation courses and "PRISMAS Festival Permanente de Creación Latinoamericana" (Permanent Festival of Latin American Creation)