INSEKTEN: 90 New Microludes

We would like to thank all of you who participated in our "INSEKTEN" call - we are surprised by the variety of the pieces and will be delighted to give them a performance. We received exactly 90 Microludes, almost 50 minutes of music (!).


We have two important news. 

The first one is that our concert on October 17th 2020, due to precautionary measures because of the Coronavirus, will have to be postponed. 

The second news is that we have a new concert scheduled for December 2, 2020.

As we received more insects than we thought, we are looking for a strategy to be able to play them all, probably in two rounds. So we beg your patience! Wish us luck :-)


Below you will find the list of works we received. If for any reason your work is not listed (or you find some mistake) please send us an email.


We will be in touch. Don't hesitate to contact us!


Kompass Ensemble

Bekos, Euripides Nanobial

Bravo Martínez, Álvaro Cuatro Micropiezas

Bremer, Arne 6-legged-attacks

Büsing, Otfried Calabrone

Canavesi, Agustina Eclipse Lunar

Chase, Stephen TRIO 2

Dominicus Lap, Joseph Mikrolude

Duane, Jude This Piece does not Exist

Escobar Gutiérrez, Ignacio Restless Insect

Falconer, Peter Canch end Dawn

Fernández, Cristian Código Morse! Atento Código Morse!

Fervers, Andreas X

Fleitz, Robert Intercession

Forslund, Anders Machine Elve #1

Galindo, Demian Kieri Bonsai

Gallegos, Alvaro Maximalismo

Gelabert Fernández, Helena Blurred Shadows

Gelabert i Muntaner, F. Xavier Au Revoir

Glans, Jakob Thonander Oslo Mikroludium

Gover, Grant Insectiverous Garden Window

Guerrero, Andrea Cielo

Guicheff Bogacz, Vladimir de los Parques

Hejdrowski, Stefan Au Passage d'une…

Jing Wen, Joan Tan Ohne Titel

Kim, Dachan sal-geum-sal-geum

Kumrunrotschna, Kaz Insekten

Latta, Giancarlo Interlude

Layton, James insekten

Lazo, Roberta Drowning Fly

Lee, Doun Mini Fiction

Liu, Shiwei Dormiveglia

Lörnitzo, Florian Fernsterbrettgast

Magnússon, Gísli ... und das ist nur der Anfang …

Manasses, Lucas Dona Wilma

Mansouri, Payman Zemzeme

Marín, Nicole Contención Fragmentada

Martínez, Cynthia ¡Déjenme en Paz!

Miauri, Gino Rugosity Nº2

MICHAELBRAILEY Imagine telling another body to do something in today's day and age

Moros, Dimitris Nostalgia

Motohide, Taguchi A Quiet Mosaic

Muñoz, Yerko Im schrecklichen monat Mai

Muramatsu, Kou Implication

Muylaert, Cecilia Reflections

Olave, Vicente Mellow-Fragile

Oltra-García, Héctor Shock

Panagos, Theofanis Cetonia

Pantazopoulou, Rania The Question

Parraguez Guitart, Javier Arthopoda

Pastorino, Yanina Emergencia en Colón

Paymai, Darius Everybody has to learn what is to be lonely again

Pedroza Villalobos, Hegel E. Ohne Titel

Pérez, Sergio Mayate

Pertout, Andrian Impulso (F=ma)

Phungula, Njabulo Weaving

Raimondi, Ugo Micro Variations

Reeder, Kory True North

Reghezza, Marco The Seven Dwarfs

Rieke, Jakob Arm with two Elbows

Rueda, Catalina Schlupfwespe (Ichneumonidae)

Schaff, Valentin Wasserläufer

Schmidt, Mia Wiesenklang

Schöllhorn, Johannes Phasmida

Schwehr, Cornelius Nektisen

Semertzaki, Eleni St' Anthi

Shahabolmok, Alireza Blicke / Glimpses

Silva Cárdenas, Francisco 36

Sinir, Ismail Pa-I-Taht

Spiridaki, Margitsa Echo

Stone, Sophie Postcard-sized Pieces

Wall, Seiten La 98º

Villarreal, Williams Nacimiento, Desarrollo y Muerte

Vlaikidou, Alexandra Smooth Encounter / Funky Aftermath

Walther, Samuel [sek]

Wojnar, Berenika Choose your... Game

Yen Herres, Nathalie Fey Heteropteryx dilatata / Lasius Niger / Gonepteryx Rhamni 

Zhou, Dong Locusts