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Kompass Ensemble & Nexus Quartett
new recordings and online premiere!

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Kompass Ensemble

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"I can wait like an instect. I´m always waiting"

Igor Stravinski

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The "New" in new music - a broken sword

Founded in 2018, Kompass Ensemble approaches the curatorial problematics of new music of the 21st century not only from the tradition of commissioning, premiering and spreading the music of living composers, but more importantly from the questioning of the “new” as yet one more historical practice. Concepts such as authorship, originality and avant-garde will be the focus of attention in each project, seeking to find that what is new in music before we are even capable of recognizing it as new. In search of this gap, we develop projects and open spaces for collaboration with other soloists and ensembles like, a. o. Nexus Quartett, False Relationships Ensemble or percussionist Nanae Kubo.

Our project has been made possible thanks to the cooperation and support of institutions such as Mehrklang Freiburg e.V., Depot.K Kunstverein, the Institute for New Music and the Office for Gender Equality of the HfM Freiburg, as well as Freiburgs Culture office

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current events

For 2021 we have planned online premiere projects (INSEKTEN), commissions to young composers and collaborations with ensembles such as Nexus Quartett and Duo Intakt as well as new members! Some surprises we hope to share throughout the year.


Freiburg Cultural Office grants funding for Work Phase "INSEKTEN" 2021

more than 100 diverse microludes created thanks to the "Call for Works 2020 - INSEKTEN" will be rehearsed and recorded with composers from 5 continents.

Join Kompass Ensemble during 2021 in the monthly premieres of the Patchwork collection.

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Anatomy of Melancholy - Collaboration with NEXUS Quartett

New Music: an ancient tradition that we must learn to dream again.

With funding from the Office of Culture of the city of Freiburg, Kompass Ensemble (Contemporary Music) and Nexus Quartett (Early Music) meet to digress the inconsistencies of both practices, offering new commissions to composition students of the HfM Freiburg.

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