Thought is everywhere, it has no boundaries and no rules
Through the direction of the compass.
Make the heart take the infinite way.
Put the spirit in it

Kang-Jung Sung



Born in Hsinchu, Taiwan, he studied at the Soo-Chow University's Music Department with Prof. Hsiao-Yin Wang and Dr. Ming-Jen Suen. After graduating with a bachelor's degree in 2013, he continued his Master and Solo studies with Bernhard Wulff, Hakon Stene, Tajiro Mizasaki und Pascal Pons at the Hochschule für Musik Freiburg.

He participated in many new music concerts and events, such as Festival of Modern Art in Odessa (Ukraine), Mehrklang Neue Musik Freiburg, Summer Academy of Music Krakow (Poland), among others.

In addition to his engagement in the new music scene, he is also a passionate Jazz/Pop-drummer. During his studies at Freiburg he was a drummer in the Annika Renz Jazz Quartet, which regularly played concerts in Freiburg.

Competitions include the National Student's Music Contest in R.O.C (Taiwan) where he won the 2. price in the category Marimba Solo and the Asia-Pacific Band Association Music Contest (China), achieving the 1. price, also in the category Marimba Solo.

Music education is a very important concern for him. He devotes himself to many social projects, such as workshops in refugee residences and retirement homes, while currently studying percussion methodology with Klaus Dreher and minor composition with Jan Kopp at the Musikhochschule Stuttgart. 

Since 2019 he is percussion teacher at the Musikschule Laufffen.